Every woman loves to wear and collect Jewelry items. It has the aesthetic appeal to make a woman look beautiful and attractive. Every society has its own style and designs of jewelry but it is the most significant and beautiful part of every culture. The shimmery and shiny metals, jewels, pearls, crystals, diamonds and other ornaments used in the jewelry make it romantic and stunning. Lovely pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other items are the best giveaways for the ladies.

The designer jewelry

The recent trend in the ornaments is the designer jewelry that is more admired and sold all over the world due to the beauty and creativity in the designs. The jewelry designers are earning their name all over the world and their designs have got popularity and demand internationally. People import and especially request for the specific designer brand for their engagement, wedding, valentine or anniversary.

Azaara jewelry

In the vast jewelry industry, Josef Arzili has earned fame through its brand name Azaara. Azaara is US-based jewelry brand. Josef Arzili introduced his first line of jewelry in 2001. Josef Arzili is very versatile and creative designer. He is working for his clients from all over the world. He travels from country to country, observing different traditions and heritage. And then these fusions reflect in his art. His first addition Azaara’s Vintage Collection was a big hit. This collection was for those who love to wear royal and luxury jewelry.

The way people love his first collection Josef introduced more collections one by one. Every addition was rich in colors and excellent work of his artistic mind. He worked on silver, gold, diamond, and gemstones by using old and new techniques. His designs are so famous that many celebrities are his clients. Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Caroline Kennedy, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Salma Hayek are spotted wearing Azaara.

Azaara Jewelry online shopping

You can have the experience of the amazing designs of the Azaara jewelry online shopping in America through ishoppingspot.com. Azaara will make your selected piece on order. Azaara jewelry is not that much expensive as other designers. But its artistic work will make you to fall in love with it.


Azaara has 224 designs of earrings in its catalog. Each design is unique and decent. Some earrings have traditional touch and few are pure stylish and modern. These earrings are made of silver, gold, and gemstones. Some earrings have an Asian touch to enhance the feminine beauty and give you a stunning look. You can have party, wedding and casual ear wear accessories from Azaara. Azaara earrings collection offer you many of those relishing pairs that are perfect for the upcoming event.



Azaara has 24 bracelets designs in the catalog. Azaara has both traditional and modern articles in the collection of bracelets. Some bracelets are made of gemstones and beads. Azaara has two styles of snake cuff bracelets. Others are made of cocoa bean wood disc with champagne and turquoise cz, cocoa bean stretch bracelet with turquoise cz, cocoa bean, and wood disk stretch bracelet and cocoa bean stretch bracelet. Silverplate vintage triple flower bracelet and vintage triple flower bracelet will also attract you. azaara also has bangle style bracelets. Stretch bracelets made of different stones are also in the catalog. They are unique and gorgeous that everyone would ask you about where you get it from.


Azaara has 64 articles of the necklace in the catalog. Most of these designs are paired with chain and pendant. You shop leaf style pendant, butterfly pendant, frog style pendant, Black Panther, pink panther, rose panther, white panther, octopus panther, daisy pendants, bug style pendant, elephant pendant and dragonfly pendants in different colors are in the catalog. The beautiful large amaryllis flower pendants in different colors are available. You can also buy English alphabetical pendants that are designed in unique and beautiful styles. A beautiful florentine ball necklace with citrine and swarovski turquoise is also in the collection that is a different piece.


Azaara catalog has 10 designs of rings. Azaara protective eye ring black, Azaara protective eye ring blue, Cherry red dragonfly flower nature ring, Azure dragonfly flower nature ring, Dragonfly flower nature ring, Delicate cherry red flower ring, Delicate azure pearl flower ring, Delicate pearl flower ring, Enchanting violet amaryllis flower ring, and Enchanting pink amaryllis flower ring.

Why Azaara?

You can buy Azaara jewelry online in America with original packing and return policy. Azaara crystal romantic necklace, hoop earrings and amazing rings are perfect and stylish designer jewelry you can every have in your collection. It also has the vintage style jewelry for the lovers of traditional touch. It has the designs that you would love to buy.

The designer has created something rich in culture and history with some of its items giving the modern touch. This is the brand loved by the celebrities and stars all around the world to dignify them in their evenings and events. Azaara also got coverage at the covers and the pages of the top magazines around the world. The inspiring design and colors of the Azaara are high quality, lightweight and never out of fashion.